PostureTherapy™ Stretcher
PostureTherapy™ Stretcher
PostureTherapy™ Stretcher
PostureTherapy™ Stretcher

PostureTherapy™ Stretcher

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Are you suffering from back pain? Whether you experience it as a sharp,searing pain or a dull ache, back pain can be a severe problem. If you don'ttake care of your back, it can be detrimental to your long-term health andquality of life.

PostureTherapy" Back Stretcher offers a simple, nonsurgical way tocreate space between the vertebrae, fight lower to mid back pain, andimprove your posture. lt's one-size-fits-all, 100% safe, and easy to use.

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Anyone with back pain knows how expensive Physiotherapy,Chiropractic Treatments, and Massages can cost.For less thanone-fifth of the cost, you can receive the lifelong benefits ofthose treatments with our adjustable Back Stretcher.

Just 5 to 10 minutes a day devoted to stretching with our BackStretcher can:

 》》 Protect Your Back

 》》 Fight Chronic Pain

 》》 lmprove Your Range of Motion


lf your typical day includes hunching over a desk or laptop for8 to 10 hours, you are not alone! People, on average, are sittingfor 13 hours every day. It puts tremendous pressure on musclesjoints, and ligaments.No wonder that our natural posture hasbecome increasingly curved, slumped, and sore.

You may not immediately recognize the damage your posture isdoing - but your body does.

The best way to prevent longterm back problems is to keepyour back muscles fit and flexible. The Posture Therapy" BackStretcher is designed to stretch and strengthen your backmuscles and boost blood circulation. It will help you feel yourbody better, be more aware of your muscles, making it easierto correct your posture.


Having good posture is about more than just looking good. Ithelps you develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.These can all lead to less muscle pain and more energythroughout the day.

On the other hand, when poor posture is not fixed, you candevelop problems like Sciatica, Slipped Disc, Bulging Disc,Headaches, and Poor Focus. Your posture affects your physicalhealth, but it can also affect your mental health and how youfeel about yourself.

The key to fixing poor posture is stretching the muscles in theupper and lower back. When lying down on thePosture' Therapy" Back Stretcher, gravity allows the front of yourbody to stretch out and upwards effortlessly. The surroundingmuscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in yourvertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain. You'llbe amazed at how good it feels!


When you use the Back Stretcher, you decompress your spineand increase the vertebrae's space, allowing fresh blood tocirculate in your spinal discs. Acupressure massage pointsalong the surface of the Back Stretcher boost the blood floweven more!

Spinal discs need the oxygen and nutrients this fresh blood

provides to heal the spine and relieve pain. Stretching the spineincreases a substance found in your spine called proteoglycans,which play a role in the spine's self-healing mechanism.

A boost in blood flow can uplift your mood, improve yourenergy levels, and promote better health and well-being.


A pinched nerve happens when too much pressure is applied toa nerve by a surrounding disc, bone, or muscle. Some pinchednerves will require professional care to treat. However, if you arelooking to alleviate mild pain at home, the Back Stretcher isperfect for you.

Gently stretching on the Back Stretcher will help relieve thepressure and improve your symptoms. Remember, those smallstretches can have a significant impact.



After a single 5 to 10 minutes session, you will notice incredibleimprovements and relief for the entire day.In order to improve your stretching experience, the deviceallows you to set up three different stretch levels to protect yourspine and prevent any injury. For beginners, we recommendstarting at the lowest level, and, as your flexibility improves, youwill be able to go into deeper stretches.

However, you need to use the Back Stretcher regularly to feel allthe benefits it can offer. If your spine condition is severe or yourpain is extreme, please consult with your doctor before usingthe Back Stretcher.

One of the best aspects of this equipment is that it's durableand longlasting, so you will only need to invest once to receiveall of its long-term benefits.


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